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Lighting changes everything! Soirée creates unique lighting designs that make each event or venue look apart from the rest. We offer a variety of lighting options that will enhance any venue. The right lighting will create the perfect atmosphere and transform your room into a magical place. All it takes is a little imagination and Soirée is the solution to all your event lighting needs.

Event Lighting Specialists

Soirée specializes in modern event lighting for weddings and special events. Our goal is to create beautiful lighting designs that dramatically enhance your event decor and showcase you and your guests in the most flattering light.

We offer unique and affordable event lighting for weddings, private parties, special occasions, corporate functions, fundraisers and more. We provide beautiful lighting designs that create the perfect atmosphere for your special event. Our team is highly skilled, experienced and prides itself with customer service that puts you and your event first and foremost.

Soirée has what it takes to make your event spectacular and memorable! We are a one-stop shop, offering many supporting services to simplify your event logistics including full audio-visual (AV) services and DJ services.

Creative Lighting Solutions

Our unique understanding of event design techniques and lighting equipment, combined with the ability to mix these elements together in original and unexpected ways enables us to create truly unforgettable environments that will surpass your expectations.

With our custom lighting designs, we can enhance architecture, illuminate centerpieces, break up the monotony of plain spaces and even wash the entire room with color to create a modern, elegant appeal.

Please take a moment to browse our event gallery. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment at our headquarters. We would love to hear from you!